Famine – Persecution & Plague followed 162–163 AD Jewish Lunar Eclipses


Famine, plague and persecution occurred during and after the 162 AD – 163 AD Jewish Eclipses. The Tiber River which flows through the city of Rome flooded it’s banks in the Spring of 162 AD, killing most animals in Rome and destroying much of the city. A severe Famine resulted. Foxe’s Book of Martyrs also states that the greatest time of persecution in the Roman Empire coincided with the reign of Emperor Marcus Aurelius and the occurrence of the lunar eclipse in 162 – 163 AD. In 165 AD a plague broke out which was responsible for killing 1/3 of the Roman Empire.

Famine - Persecution - Plague followed 1st Jewish Tetrad Eclipses

Passover: April 17, 162 AD – Total lunar eclipse

Tabernacles: October 11, 162 AD – Total lunar eclipse

Passover: April 6, 163 AD – Total lunar eclipse

Tabernacles: 30 September, 163 AD – Total lunar eclipse