2nd Jewish Temple Eclipses

Fall of Jerusalem 70 AD2 Partial Lunar Eclipses occurred on the Jewish Passover and Feast of Tabernacles holidays in 70 A.D. The moon did not turn blood red as the other Tetrads mentioned on this website.

The destruction date of the 2nd Temple according to the Hebrew calendar was the 9th of Av, also known as Tisha B’Av (04 August 70 AD).

The last remnant of the Jewish Nation of Israel hid for 3 years at Masada before being conquered by the Roman Army in 73 A.D.

Israel became a country once again in 1948, just before a Tetrad sequence of 4 Red Blood Moons occurred in 1949 & 1950.


( * Special Note * ) The 14th April 2014 Jewish Passover and 8th October 2014 Sukkot Lunar Eclipses take place on the SAME EXACT DATES as did the 70 AD Jewish Passover & Sukkot – Feast of Tabernacles lunar eclipses which occurred when the Roman Army destroyed the 2nd Jewish Temple & Masada Military Fortress effectively ending over 1,000 years of Jewish rule in the Nation of Israel !

70 AD NASA Lunar Eclipses

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