Greek Blood Moons

constantinopleThe fifth Jewish Blood Moon lunar eclipse tetrad  occurred in the years 860 – 861 AD. The Blood Moons took place just after millions of Christians were killed by Arab crusaders in North Africa and Spain.

The Jewish Holiday tetrad occurred just prior to the Greek – Byzantine Empire victory over the Arabs at the Battle of Lalakaon which halted Islamic conquest in Eastern Europe.

The Byzantine Empire dealt a major blow to Islamic Jihads at the Battle of Lalakaon in 863 AD. The Muslim conquest of Eastern Europe was brought to a grinding halt just a half century after Charlemagne had stopped the Arab conquest of Western Europe in 795 AD.


The Greek Byzantine Empire moved quickly to take advantage of their victory: a Byzantine army invaded Arab-held Armenia, and sometime in October or November, defeated and killed the emir Ali ibn Yahya. Thus, within a single campaigning season, the Byzantines had eliminated the three most dangerous opponents on their eastern border. In retrospect, these successes proved decisive, as the battle permanently destroyed the power of Melitene. The Byzantine victory at Lalakaon altered the strategic balance in the region, and heralded the beginning of Byzantium’s century-long offensive in the East.

860-861 Jewish Holiday tetrads

Passover: April 09, 860 AD – Total lunar eclipse

Feast of Tabernacles: October 03, 860 AD – Total lunar eclipse

Passover: March 30, 861 AD – Total lunar eclipse

Feast of Tabernacle: September 22, 861 AD – Total lunar eclipse


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